Hot Chocolate

We’ve been creating our collection for over 17 years, so there’s a drink for everyone. Our hot chocolates include white, dark, double, thick, original, organic, and Fairtrade. We also make sauces and chai. We like to keep our range simple, just like our ingredients. It’s not that we’re stubborn – we just won’t compromise when it comes to taste and quality.


Chai is India’s national drink – it’s loved in every home, sold on every street and served in every shop. We drank plenty of it on our travels, which is why our three spicy creations taste so authentic.

Sauces and toppings

Bring your hot chocolates, mochas and milkshakes to life with extra colour, texture and flavour. Our choice of sauces and shakers will add a little fun to any drink.

Pure Plant Powders

Our selection of Pure Powders are organic and approved by The Vegan Society. With vibrant hues and rich flavours, these adaptogens are incredibly versatile and work in a wide range of recipes.