The Best Milk for Vegan Hot Chocolates

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One of the most asked questions when it comes to Zuma Hot Chocolates is “are they vegan?” closely followed by, “what non-dairy milk is best to make a hot chocolate?”.

To answer the first question, yes, Zuma Hot Chocolate is vegan (except for the White Hot Chocolate).

As far as the second question goes, we tasked our development team to make and taste the hot chocolates and come up with a definitive list of what plant-based milks work best when making hot chocolate.

Choosing a dairy alternative is a conscious choice for many people so offering customers an alternative (or range of alternatives) allows you to easily cater for those with allergies or various dietary requirements.

Soya Milk

A common plant milk that most people are familiar with, it’s slightly sweet so keep that in mind when working with lower cocoa percentages and add-ins like syrups. The flavour of the milk is quite subtle and doesn’t hugely affect the flavour of the finished drink and the consistency is not dissimilar to cows-milk.


Almond Milk

Less creamy than a lot of other plant milks, almond also has quite a strong nutty flavour that tends to come through with the chocolate – something to keep in mind when you’re using add-ins like syrups or sauces. It’s quite thin too, resulting in a chocolate similar to one made with skimmed cow’s milk.


Coconut Milk

Creamy, thick and slightly sweet this plant-based milk creates a great texture in your hot chocolates but it also tends to add a slight coconutty taste. Great for recreating a Bounty chocolate bar but not ideal for mixing with certain flavoured add-ins.


Oat Milk

Depending on the oat milk you choose – regular or barista – depends on whether you get a thick, creamy hot chocolate or a more watered-down version. Barista oat milks are great for creating neutral hot chocolates that let the flavour of the cocoa (and add-ins) shine through much like cows milk would.


Cashew Milk

Probably one of the best plant-based milks for a thick, creamy hot chocolate. The smooth, slightly sweet and fairly flavour-neutral milk means you end up with a delicious hot chocolate and a fantastic foundation for creating hot chocolate specials with syrups and sauces.


Remember to check your hot chocolate powder is Vegan too. All Zuma Hot Chocolates (except for the White Hot Chocolate) are approved by The Vegan Society and can easily be made with any milk alternative in exactly the same way.

For more information about the Zuma range head over to the Our Collections page.

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