Posted by: Zuma on 20th November 2018 in Uncategorized

It’s no surprise that when the weather gets colder, hot chocolate sales heat up. The festive season is no exception with customers looking for premium options.

The average hot chocolate drinker will spend more money per visit than any other customers making Christmas the optimum time to capitalise on their desire for indulgence. To meet the demand for luxury it is important to stock a range of quality hot chocolates for them to choose from to maximise on their interest in decadent drinks. Our range covers 7 different flavours meaning there is a chocolate to suit every taste. But don’t just stop there, Christmas is the season for overindulgence so why not turn your drinks into desserts.

Freakshakes were a massive success throughout spring/summer 2018 but the trend doesn’t have to end as temperatures plummet. Now winter has arrived swap milkshakes for Zuma Loaded Hot Chocolates topped with extravagant finishes. Add whipped cream, sauce and cherry syrup to a dark hot chocolate and suddenly you can market it as a Black Forrest Loaded Choc. These dessert-like drinks make the perfect festive treat.

Check out our Zuma Loaded Hot Chocolate Recipe Sheet for inspiration.

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