The Terrific Turmeric Trend

Posted by: Zuma on 26th September 2017 in News, Recipies

Capturing the emerging turmeric trend set to take the industry by storm this season, we have released an Organic Turmeric Chai to help get those winter sales off to a great start.

Turmeric is a herbal root, related to the ginger family and is commonly used in Asian and Middle Eastern cooking. It’s also the key ingredient in the century old drink ‘Haldi Doodh’, often known as ‘Golden Milk’ given to children in India at bedtime.

Our delicious blend is made with pure turmeric mixed with subtle flavours of ginger, vanilla and orange. With its comforting spice aromas and autumnal colour it is the perfect winter warmer to feature as a seasonal special.

The rich yellow shade of the root makes for an impressive bright beverage and can be used with a wide range of hot and cold drinks. Change up your menu and serve as a latte with a twist, or add 1 mini scoop to a white hot chocolate for the perfect warming treat on a crisp, cold day. If you want to keep it simple serve as an early morning shot mixed with espresso or add to a breakfast smoothie to help customers start the day the right way.

As with most products in our range, it has been approved by the Vegan Society making it the ideal ingredient that’s suitable for all customers. It also tastes wonderful with coconut milk, as well as regular dairy for a delicious golden drink.

Make sure you’re part of the turmeric trend by trying out these simple recipes;

Turmeric White Hot Chocolate

Mix hot chocolate, syrup and turmeric with a splash of hot water to form a paste, top up with steamed milk and serve.

Turmeric Coconut Latte

Mix the chai and purée into a paste. Top up with steamed milk, stir and serve.

Lemon & Turmeric Breakfast Smoothie

Fill cup with ice, add smoothie to ½ full and top up with milk. Pour into blender jar. Add chai and granola, blend until smooth. Pour back in to cup and serve.

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