Chocolate worth dipping

Posted by: Zuma on 3rd August 2017 in blog, Recipies

Sweet rich and indulgent, what’s not to love about hot chocolate? A key option on any menu, hot chocolate plays an important part in drinks sales all year round. But customers expect choice which is why Zuma Hot Chocolates cater to every taste with the variety of quality chocolate in the range.

Choose from our 7 options which include; Original, Dark, White, Organic, Fairtrade Dark, 100% Cocoa and Thick.  You will find absolutely no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives in any of our chocolates, and all have been approved by either The Vegetarian or Vegan Society.

So you now have the quality hot chocolate but how do you stand out from competitors and get people through the door? By having options on your menu that offer something beyond just a regular hot chocolate will give customers the option for a premium experience.

Creating a more decadent alternative is easy with Zuma Thick Hot Chocolate. Made with 20% West African cocoa, it is Mediterranean- inspired and so super thick it can be served as a dessert. Simply steam it with milk to thicken to your chosen consistency. Serve it short with a wide range of sweet treats from churros and biscotti, to fruit and marshmallows for delicious chocolate dipping indulgence.

For an extra special treat why not offer a mini tasting board. This will give customers the chance to try a variety from the range and decide which one is their favourite for next time they visit. Simply fill 3 espresso cups with different types of Zuma Hot Chocolate and serve on a wooden board. Offering this kind of tasting experience will not only entice more custom but also help boost sales.

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