Mexican Heat

Posted by: Zuma on 20th July 2016 in News, Recipies

A hot chocolate might not be the first beverage that pops into your customers mind now the mercury has risen, but there’s no reason for you not to help put the idea there. Iced coffees and frappés seem like the logical choice to cool down in the sunshine but there is truth in the idea that drinking a hot beverage will actually keep you cooler for longer. Might be worth putting that bit of information up on a chalk board somewhere everyone can see it. After all you don’t see everyone clutching iced chai lattes in India do you?

To boost your chocolate sales this summer, add a range of seasonal flavours to invoke thoughts of tropical holidays. We are particularly in love with Mexican style hot chocolate at the moment. It’s traditionally made with chocolate which is stirred into spiced hot milk to create a delicious and creamy beverage. Zuma Double Hot Chocolate is 10% real chocolate flakes which makes it the perfect choice to create your own Mexican style hot chocolates.

To get your kick of Mexican spice, cinnamon and vanilla are the most authentic additions and nutmeg and salt make regular appearances too, but why stop there? A chili hot chocolate could transport you to the state of Tabasco or a touch of lime to take you to a Tahiti beach!

Take a look at our Support area for more ideas on different flavours to add to your hot chocolates to keep sales up all the year round.

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