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Posted by: Zuma on 30th April 2018 in Recipies

Hot chocolate is the go to drink when customers fancy something sweet, rich and indulgent and It’s a favourite that features on most hot drinks menus. However, recent research from Allegra has shown that 40% of consumers think it’s important, and more could be done, to tell them about the province of their beverage. An easy way to cater to this is to offer Zuma Fairtrade Dark Hot Chocolate.

Dark and smooth with the perfect bitter balance, our 100% Fairtrade Dark Hot Chocolate is made with 33% West African cocoa. The farmers and workers who grow the beans and sugarcanes benefit from fair prices, decent working conditions and good terms of trade.

All you need is one scoop mixed with a splash of water and steamed milk to make a silky smooth, sweet drink that your customers will love and also offers an ethical guarantee.

Patrons are also beginning to look at their hot chocolates with the same critical eye they turn to their coffee beans. Their interest in cocoa content and flavour profiles led to us creating a 100% Organic Cocoa product. Its versatility gives you the freedom to create the right blend of hot chocolate for your customers. Simply mix the raw cocoa with sugar to your taste, add hot milk and serve.

It also gives you the option to create multiple variations from one product and allows you to experiment with different blends. Coming direct from the Naranjillo Co-operative in Tingo Maria, Peru, it is both organic and Fairtrade. The co-operative is made up of 5,000 farmers and their families, who’ve been running the plantation for over 50 years. Buying direct from the co-operative means better beans for you, and better prices, working conditions and terms of trade for them.

Like all cocoa, the beans have been fermented, dried, roasted, pressed and ground into powder. But this is where the process stops for our 100% Organic Hot Chocolate. Normally, the beans would be alkalised – also known as Dutched – to take out the acidity (this also gives chocolate its distinctive rich brown colour). Instead, we do nothing. This creates a natural chocolate with distinctive warm, reddish tones and a complex, malty and refined taste.

So why not treat your customers to delicious ethnically guaranteed hot chocolate options you know they will love.

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